Ben Franklin J.H.

Monday, Aug 31, 2015

Tuesday, Sep 1, 2015
Time Event Details
4:00pm Football:Boys 7th Game  vs. Marshfield Middle @ Ben Franklin Junior High School
  BF Blue @ 4pm, BF Gold @ 5:15pm. First game of the year will be played like a game, but coaches are allowed to be on the field to help players like a scrimmage...
5:15pm Football:Boys 7th Game  Marshfield Middle vs. Ben Franklin Gold @ Ben Franklin Junior High School

Wednesday, Sep 02, 2015

Thursday, Sep 3, 2015
Time Event Details
3:45pm Football:Boys 8th Game  vs. DC Everest JH/MS @ Ben Franklin Junior High School
4:00pm Volleyball:Girls 7/8 Blue Game  Medford Area Middle School vs. Ben Franklin Blue @ Ben Franklin Junior High School
  B @ 4, A @ 5
4:00pm Volleyball:Girls 7/8 Gold Game  Ben Franklin Gold vs. Medford Area Middle School @ Medford Middle School
4:30pm Football:Boys JV 2 Game  Marshfield High School @ Marshfield High School

Friday, Sep 04, 2015

Saturday, Sep 05, 2015

Sunday, Sep 06, 2015